The rolex replica Carolina Bucci Limited Edition is now available

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Yellow Frosted Gold

This is the latest version of the collection, and it's available in yellow gold. Bucci says that this is the final version she has wanted to create since the day she got the idea. She admits that the first frosted-gold in pink and white gold was a test, which she did to see if it would work. "Everything that I design is selfish.Replica Rolex Cellini I design for what it feels good. So before I collaborated with a watchmaker, I felt like I had to earn it. These were extremely well received, so it is now time to move on to the yellow gold.

She continues, "I love yellow metal, and that's really my metal choice." I love yellow gold. Although I have many different types of gold, it is my favorite. This watch is for me.

Mirror, Mirror

The traditional tapisserie dial was used in the original Royal Oak. It has been a hallmark of Audemars Piguet. Bucci tried to make this change in yellow gold, but was met with resistance by the brand.

She explains that she had messed around with the bracelet and the case on the first watch but left the dial untouched. "But I wanted the dial to be included with this watch.Replica Rolex Cellini watches Their first reaction when I explained what I wanted was a no. Because I'm stubborn and confident, I kept trying and I wanted to do it. Although I was told this dial was the same as it has always been, I knew that we needed to move on and that the mirror effect would be a nice contrast with the Florentine's irregularity. Mirror dials are a nightmare to produce, but they can't be messed with, or even one dust speck, or one scratch. We achieved perfection, and that is what we did. The result is far better than I could have imagined.

"With the first Frosted Gold design I took the perfection in the Royal Oak case & bracelet and 'roughened them up' a bit, juxtaposing the imperfect Florentine finish and Swiss watchmaking precision," she says. Now I am doing the reverse, flattening the tapisserie dial's textured surface into a perfect mirror.Richard Mille Replica Watches Both are intended to create something new and unexpected. This is a new take on an iconic icon, made in the image and style of a modern woman. This is going to be a hit with women who have a keen eye for accessories and keynotes. Mirrors interact with their environment constantly, changing according to your clothes, decor, lighting, time of day or weather.


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