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Bucci acknowledges that it was difficult to get the technique right. The initial trials weren't refined enough to achieve the design goal. Bucci soon realized that her method needed to be refined in order to make watches. Bucci's method was eventually adapted by Audemars-Piguet's watchmakers using a special tool that hammers the precious metal at 12,000 beats per hour, creating tiny holes and facets.rolex replica It took months of trial-and-error and a lot of effort to modify the surface of the golden so that it sparkles in the sunlight while keeping the soft lines that make up the Royal Oak. It is hard to find such a delicate balance: nothing is added or removed, but the watch is transformed.

What is the result? The facets of the gold sparkle when the light hits them.

Bucci says, "I try make my job harder when designing something.rolex replica watches Obtaining finishes that look like one thing and another is what I strive to do." The watch's sparkle makes it look like it has been paved with diamonds in white gold.

The First Frosted Gold Royal Oak

2017 saw the debut of Frosted Gold, with white and rose gold pieces measuring 33mm and 37mm respectively. They were a huge hit and took SIHH by storm. Rarely has the industry ever seen so much buzz about a watch, particularly a watch "finish", like this.

Audemars Pigot released a 41mm size in white gold, which was limited to 200 pieces. This was to accommodate men who wanted the Frosted Gold and women who wanted something slightly larger.

The brand's breakthrough was the introduction of rolex replica.Replica Rolex Submariner It was not only a beautiful version of the Royal Oak but it was also different than any other on the market. It was a risk to use a jewelry technique on an icon, but it has paid off for Audemars Pigot.


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