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Bucci and Watches

Bucci has been a watch enthusiast for many years. She got the passion naturally. Her great-grandfather repaired pocket watches. This love and appreciation was passed on to Bucci's father, and later to her mother.

She admits that watches are for her "just aesthetics." While I appreciate all the details, what really draws me to watches is their shape and fit on my wrist. It's all about balance and design.sinn replica Watches are not a timekeeping device. I see them as an accessory to my style.

Bucci is against the way watches are designed, manufactured, and sold to women. She believes watches should be feminine, delicate, and covered in diamonds. A woman's watch should be wearable every day. She points out that the watch is an extension of our style and must fit seamlessly with our jewelry. My watch must complement the jewelry and not be too contrastive. The Royal Oak is a great choice.

The Florentine Finish

Bucci instantly thought of her Florentine Finish technique when she was confronted by Bennahmias.sinn replica watches Bucci uses this ancient technique on her jewelry for many years. It is achieved by a diamond-tipped instrument that beats the gold and creates tiny indentations.

She explains that she wanted to give the Royal Oak a feminine look while keeping the dimensions and proportions, which were very masculine, as designed by Gerald Genta. "I didn’t want to take away the watch or add anything to it, but I wanted to reimagine them. I wanted it to appeal to everyone in the room, much like the original Royal Oak did for my New York trip. It was an interesting finish, which contrasted with the precision and perfection of the watch.richard mille replica watches It is amazing how different facets can be. It was about making a statement and giving the Royal Oak an attitude."


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